5th Annual Brooksby Angus Low Birth Weight Bull Sale


The 5th Annual Brooksby Angus Low Birth Weight Sale is shaping up well with 33 Bulls catalogued. The sale is on Moday the 25th Of September at the Armidale saleyards, commencing at 1:00 PM

33 Yearling Angus Bulls

Agents Comment:

This draft of bulls present very well indeed. These yearling bulls are purpose bred for joining heifers, being out of either heifers unassisted, or specially selected low birth weight cows, by selected low birth weight sires.

The majority of the bulls are well below breed average birth weight on Angus Breedplan.

All were weighted at birth, and these weights will be display in the catalogue.

Note : We will update the Bulls Image Gallery as more bull photos come to hand.


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For more information please contact

Brooksby Angus Studmaster

Stephen Collins Glenwarrah Herefords and Brooksby Angus Stud Master

Stephen Collins

0428 680 814

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