Lotus Marshall M102


Lotus Marshall M102 – was purchased in partnership with Glendan Park Herefords in 2018 for $26,000. This was a record top price for Lotus and that same year Glenwarrah C021 (Sire of Marshall) bull’s averaged $13,428 for 7 sons at the Lotus’ Bull Sale.

We feel this bull is equal to the best Hereford bull that we have used over our 37 years of breeding stud Hereford cattle. This season (2018) he covered 40 cows at Glendan Park in Victoria and then travelled to Northern NSW to Glenwarrah. Since arriving he has been paddocked with a further 43 cows.

He has developed into a massive bull and considering the season he looks great. We are very excited about our future having Marshall’s progeny to continue the stud through to the 2020s.

If you would like information about upcoming progeny of Lotus Marshall M102 please contact me:

Brooksby Angus Studmaster

Stephen Collins Glenwarrah Herefords and Brooksby Angus Stud Master

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