Glenwarrah Location


Glenwarrah is located 19Km south of Bundarra on Thunderbolts Way. Getting there:

From Bundarra – Head south on Thunderbolts Way – you will cross Gwydir River, Laura Creek and Abington Creek. We are just a short distance from Abington Creek on the right.

From: Armidale – Head west on the Bundurra Road, 26kms you will hit an area called Yarrowick, turn right onto Thunderbolts Way –  Way for 27 kms – we are on the Left. If you cross Alington Creek you have just missed the turn off.


Brooksby Angus Studmaster

Stephen Collins Glenwarrah Herefords and Brooksby Angus Stud Master

Stephen Collins

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Glenwarrah Herefords Studmaster

David Collins

David Collins

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