2018 Drop Heifers Sold to Russia with love
This year due to tough seasonal conditions experienced by us and most of our clients we opted to do something we have never done before. We sold our 2018 drop of Angus and Hereford weaner heifers for export to Russia (yes the country). The sale and shipment was handled by Landmark International and required heifers of outstanding quality to be used for breeding purposes. In a normal season we would have kept a lot of the heifers but due to the conditions and also the uncertainty as to what the season was going to send our way we decided to export the majority of the drop of heifers from 2018. The heifers sold to Russia had to be within a weight range of 260-360 kgs empty and of good quality and type. They were inspected once here on the property and then trucked to Portland in Victoria to go into a quarantine situation before leaving Australia. They were all inspected again and examined, including blood tests, before being shipped to Russia (with Love). It would have been great to keep them here in Australia, but hopefully we can get some feedback as to their breeding quality and perhaps help open the Australian market to more Northern Hempishere buyers for our seed stock.
David Strelitz with Brooksby bred Angus heifers
Recently Steve spent a very enjoyable morning with David Strelitz touring around his Uralla properties. David and son Gavin are repeat Brooksby Angus bulls buyers so it was a great opportunity to catch up, have a look around and see what sort of job the bulls are doing for them. It is also good opportunity to get to know them and their operation a bit better. It turns out that David grew up in the Uralla area. As a young man he went to Moree for 15 years for work and then returned in 1975 to manage ‘Goldsworth’ at Uralla for Mr Henry Belfield. Two years later, during the cattle crash, Mr Belfield sold ‘Goldsworth’ to David. This was the start to a very successful company Dasban P/L which now owns a number of properties in the Uralla area including ‘Goldsworth’ and ‘Underwood’. Steve’s comment on the day when he arrived home was:  I was extremely impressed with their management practices and the standard of their cattle. Steve was ‘chuffed’ to learn that David and Gavin seem to be happy with the job the Brooksby Angus bulls are doing for their herd.
Glenwarrah Lass - 2018 Ekka Grand Champion female
Congratulations to Riley and Drew Weller with their heifer Glenwarrah Lass N114 after a very successful Brisbane Royal Show.  Lass won all of her class with the final result being Grand Champion Hereford female, quite an achievement for a 12 month old heifer.  The boys presented her perfectly.
Riley and Drew Weller, Glenwarrah Lass N114
Earlier this year we were approached by Murray and Jodie Weller, of Toowoomba, who were interested in purchasing a stud Hereford heifer for their son’s Riley and Drew. After a big weekend of handling and discussion between Murray, Riley and Drew they came to a decision and the two boys purchased their first stud heifer Glenwarrah Lass N114.  They are our future in the Hereford breeding game and we were delighted to help the two boys start their stud. Recently, Drew Weller attended the 2018 Hereford QLD Annual Youth Show at Pittsworth.  The weekend includes instruction on handling cattle and general show preparation.  Saturday was filled with informative talks, including sessions run by Hayley Robinson from MLA, Luke Goldthorpe from Coopers Animal Health, Jane Lowe from Queensland Country Life, and Peter Atkinson of Allora Veterinary practice. The weekend concluded on the Sunday with a competition between the 59 competitors with classes including beast handling and age classes for the cattle.  Drew had a great time with his heifer winning the Grand Champion Parader.  In the cattle classes Drew, with his heifer Glenwarrah Lass N114, won both Grand Champion Heifer and Supreme Animal. Congratulations to the Weller Boys and Good Luck at Brisbane EKKA with you heifer.
Irish Hereford Breeders
In January of this year we had a visit from a fine lot of Irish Hereford Breeders
Ken & Beth Hodge Steers
Noorat Steer and Carcass Competition 2016. Live Judging – Class 1 – Third Place – Hereford Steer weighing 395 KG he went on to win the Carcass class with a kill weight of 223 KG Class 4 – Third Place – Group of Three Steers weighing 405 KG, 395 KG and 425 KG av. 408 KG. They went on to win Class 4 in the Carcass.
Stephen & Amanda Spinks Buy Steers
In 2014 a draft of Glenwarrah Hereford and Angus Steers were sold to Stephen and Amanda Spinks, Gulargambone NSW for $ 2.00 / KG. The 6-7 month steers averaged an excellent curfew weight of 298 KG’s.
Liddle Family 2 Tooth Steers
Two tooth grass fed steers weighing an average of 728kgs by Glenwarrah Hereford Bulls out of Charolais X Santa Cows bred and fattened by the Liddle Family, ‘Cedar Valley’, Wandoan in 2014.
Figtree Organics
Figtree Organics field day at “Wilton Park” Grafton in 2015Figtree Organics are achieving outstanding results from these F1 Braham X Hereford Cows with progeny by Glenwarrah bulls dressing consistantly at around 60%.
Ray Humphries Steers
Ray Humphries Steers top Casino Weaner sale Ray Humphries Santa / Hereford cross steers by Glenwarrah Bulls topped the 2014 Casino Weaner sale @ $715 per head. His steers where lined up as the first 5 pens of the sale.
Bill & Eileen Coombes
Bill & Eileen Coombes’ 2 & 4 tooth grass fed steers all Glenwarrah & Brooksby bred. Killed at Wingham Abbattoir in March 2015 with the tops dressing at 428kg and $1842.